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Enhance customer experience in your healthcare business with Sylphix Technologies:
Every industry, including healthcare, is experiencing a rise in customer expectations for physical and digital integration, personalization, and mobile capabilities. But as poor customer service prompts customers to switch brands, relationship quality is a powerful predictor of patient loyalty and treatment adherence. Sylphix Technologies can help by combining the people and technology required to translate data and patient interactions into better health outcomes. Thanks to technology, real-time analytics enhances healthcare and enables a shift in emphasis towards prevention, but it also allows new non-traditional competitors to enter the market. Sylphix Technologies collaborates with you to reposition and improve your business models, people strategies, and operational structures to meet cost concerns. We accomplish this to improve the quality of care while harnessing the power of analytics and technology. We help healthcare institutions to remain competitive and deliver better patient outcomes as a result.
What we do for you:
Smart health solutions:
Smart health starts with a strong start by emphasizing the user experience via human-centered design or just by designing for people. By focusing on what counts most to the workforce and healthcare consumers, Sylphix assists organizations in creating a more customized technology-enabled health and well-being experience and a contemporary workplace. To improve patient care, automation, and digitization are transforming how the entire system works in a smart health system. We use an experience-led approach and work with hospitals and health systems to create digitally connected front-, middle-, and back-office processes that support the complete client experience.
Achieve sustainability:
Due to population changes and globalization, healthcare spending could be more sustainable. Sylphix works with clients to reposition their business models, people strategies, and operational structures to manage cost challenges and realize the potential of analytics and technology. By doing this, we help healthcare organizations enhance patient outcomes now and in the future while assisting them in maintaining their competitiveness.
Growth markets:
Whether you are an innovative start-up, an entrepreneurial entrepreneur, a next-generation family company leader, or an innovative CEO, we can help you achieve your growth goals and build a legacy you can be proud of. We offer a range of goods and services that could help you advance in your work. While we understand that every family business is different, they all have a few traits. Sylphix’s growth DNA model for families of businesses aims to help family business leaders personal and organizational performance goals.
What makes us unique?
Configurable dashboard:
Clinicians can quickly access patient information and flow diagrams for close to real-time triage and assessment and remotely monitor a patient’s connected devices. With the help of AI and ML, early warning signs can be identified, and analytics can be utilized to track trends in patient treatment adherence.
Patient utilization:
Patients are given access to an application that communicates with connected devices so they can monitor their vital signs and other health metrics. Our program helps manage appointments and medications, offers a customized care plan tailored to individual disease conditions, and has educational materials.
The solution uses Microsoft’s secure cloud platform and healthcare APIs like FHIR to connect to essential health systems, linked patient devices, and applications.
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Our healthcare solutions improve member and patient experiences while encouraging growth and performance. So call or email us today to get the best healthcare solution for your business.